Introducing: Daughter

Photo: Daniel Regan

 Don’t dismiss Elena Tonra. Under her stage name Daughter, you may see her sat alone with a guitar and think you’ve heard it all before, but she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve, as her debut EP ‘His Young Heart’ demonstrates.

The touching and honest vocal performance is one of the first things to strike the listener. Conjuring a likeness to the charming Martha Wainright throughout parts of ‘Landfill’, Tonra deliverance is stunning and heartfelt. The lyrics take on beautiful imagery but manage to retain a genuine integrity. They are another string to Daughter’s talented bow and one of the strengths that she should draw attention to throughout her promising career – the teaming of sincere vocals and emotional sentiments is unbeatable.

It’s not all about the voice though as almost-instrumental track ‘Switzerland’ proves. A slow building epic that grows to a blinding crescendo, complete with bells and a distant crying out to perfect the haunting atmosphere. The musical backdrops throughout the EP evoke a Florence and the Machine style grandeur which gives the compositions a beautiful depth.

The acoustic simplicity of ‘The Woods’ and ‘Candles’ sits perfectly before ‘Switzerland’ as the main focus is put upon Tonra’s voice, which as mentioned earlier, is near flawless. ‘Candles’ is a highlight as it drifts into a welcome upbeat chorus and stands as one of the most instant tracks on offer.

An element of a great song is a track which draw you back in, providing new and exciting aspects that may not have struck you on first listen. Judging by this rule – Daughter has quite a selection of great songs and the ‘His Young Heart’ EP is worthy of your attention and hopefully your three pounds if you find it as enchanting as I did.


Photo: Daniel Regan
Words: Simon McMurdo


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