Introducing: Chrissy Ohh

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Waves of darkness have been spreading slowly through the music scene. From chart leader Adele to indie queen Florence Welch, vibes of melancholy and atmospherics seem to be the right kind of muse to look towards if you fancy a bit of success.

Chrissy Ohh’s name may not hint at the dark synth pop but he will have you hooked from the opening distorted chugs of ‘Unknown Ground’. The industrial edge competes with the strings and ambiance resulting in a stellar result before Depeche Mode influences come to the fore in the stunning ‘Fallen (Buried Alive)’ which transports you back to the eighties. The gradual build up marks the track as one of the best songs on offer and is easily the one that will lure you back for repeated listens.

The tempo seems to sit comfortably at mid pace and the music is  exceptionally relaxing but steers in a more interesting direction than your usual easy listening records. The piano breakdown in ‘Houdini’s Wife’, for example, transforms the track – taking the initial electro leanings and turning the piece into a splendid piece of goth pop, complete with haunting whispered vocals.

Listeners of the Pet Shop Boys will appreciate the electronic aspects, fans of the critically acclaimed Hurts will enjoy the dark pop elements and Depeche Mode followers may also want to peer in to see what they can salvage from the beautiful compositions.  There’s something unique and special that will set Chrissy Ohh apart from his peers, however and in each of the four songs he has posted online, his talent in both writing and conveying sonic ideas is remarkable.

On the cusp of everything that is current and modern whilst drawing inspiration from some of the most acclaimed artists of the past, Chrissy Ohh pushes synth pop further into the shadows and the outcome is marvellous.


Photo: From Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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