Introducing: Charli XCX

Photo: Disorder Magazine

It feels a little strange to be introducing an artist that has already amassed such a huge following in a short amount of time, but regardless; she’s the pop-botherer with a penchant for capital letters and dancing her legs off; world, meet Charli XCX. She’s fresh, about to break and fits very nicely (and unashamedly) into the modern pop category. Very current. Very relevant.

Relevance doesn’t simply mean chucking a bit of dubstep into the mix, as most other popstars would have you believe – rather, Charli is producing exciting beats and arrangements that will impress mature pop fans and is layering them with believable, relatable lyrics that should sit well with teens. There’s a frantic enthusiasm in the lady herself that is a breath of fresh air to the increasingly serious business of pop.

Straight talking seems to be one of Charli’s main charms and is particularly evident in the chatty style of ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’ – enjoy it before the inevitable major label media training sets in, folks.  ‘Champagne Coast’ has a Ke$ha feel but is individualised by it’s distinct British flavour. Meanwhile, the Pet Shop Boys meet Depeche Mode flavour of ‘Nuclear Seasons’, current single ‘You’re The One’,  and ‘How Can I’ bring a dark flavour to her pop and it’s all the better for it – goth pop, if you will. It’s tunes like this that will set her apart to be one of the most exciting acts to make their breakthrough in 2013.

Having the right music simply isn’t enough anymore. There are many geniuses still going unheard but we can all hope that the right people are in place to bring Charli into the mainstream. The indie fans may squeal with terror, but tunes like ‘Lock You Up’ and ‘Grins’ refuse to be contained in the murky depths of the underground where they are bursting to be unleashed above ground level. There will be some fine tuning going on, but more of the dark stuff, the same generous amount of hooks and as much, if not more, in-your-face personality should cement Charli’s status as a future chart contender and big time popstar.  And we can say we knew her back when.

Official Site (inc. free download of ‘Heartbreaks and Earthquakes’ mixtape)

Photo: Disorder Magazine
Words: Simon McMurdo


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