Introducing: Antoinette + The Kings Men

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Antoinette and the Kings Men might be a very fresh project, but it certainly isn’t so new in the eyes of it’s creator. What we have is something that has been under wraps and in development for much longer than your average demo tracks. The material she offers is instead written from life experiences and with the intention of hope and strength for those that relate and engage to the music. Inspiring, you might agree. You may also be pleased to hear that said tracks focus on something a little deeper than getting wasted in a night club, too.

Promising a selection of arrangements that document her struggle thus far, ‘Elephant + Spoon’ kicks off the ‘story’. The enchanting lyrics bring a stark honesty and beauty to the song and along with the impassioned vocals, conjures a vague similarity to Emilie Autumn’s earlier material. ‘One Doll, Two Doll’ forges the antithesis of an almost jolly, plucking instrumental with the dense subject of medication as a method of combatting mental illness. The track oozes with personality and gives a strong feel of the woman behind the concept. Musically, it throws hook after hook at the listener and serves as a mixture between an evocative speech and an acoustic outpouring with a glorious, resonating close.

Thriving with imagery and considered concepts, these tracks are utterly refreshing. Granted, Sylvia Plath and Ms. Autumn herself might argue that mental illness has been explored and taken from quite a few angles, but what you get with Antoinette and The Kings Men is a fresh voice; a modern look at something which is often swept under the carpet and hidden away from the ears of the masses.

We’re not talking masses yet, ofcourse, but with this much potential and conviction, the path looks bright. When it’s considered that a plethora of passion lies beneath the entire concept, I would argue that this woman is working atop an invincible foundation. With Antoinette, the Kings Men do more than listen to music, they step inside a world of creation and with an evident talent for songwriting and delivering her own story, it’ll be interesting to see how this project progresses in 2012.


Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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