Introducing: Amber Run

Photo: Jack Margerison

Intimacy and enormity are difficult beasts to tame, let alone make coexist. Nottingham’s Amber Run, however, straddle them with masterful control. Gearing up for the release of the ‘Pilot’ EP, they have already released cinematic videos for the title track and EP highlight ‘I Found’. Sounding and looking like genre heavyweights, Amber Run have proven for the last year that they are more than ready to breakout and if their Youtube views are anything to go by, they are well on their way.

Whilst ‘Pilot’ boasts a mighty chorus – something the boys are not short on supplying – and timeless guitar lines flitting boundlessly between vibrancy and evocative drama, ‘I Found’, is capable of stopping you dead in your tracks. A gorgeous, simpler arrangement that isn’t afraid to underline and exaggerate it’s vulnerability. The earworm hook catches you unaware and the layered vocals are something to behold – the haunting atmospherics sitting pretty atop the melancholic piano lines. With subtle additions and growth, ‘I Found”s complexity only evolves a little through it’s four and a half minutes, but the emotional pull gives it’s final chorus a lot more power.

Aside from the upcoming EP, the Snow Patrol-esque charm of ‘Spark’ boasts another sublime video and the ‘let the light in’ lyric that begs to be sang along with. Elsewhere, last year’s ‘Heaven’ is a more subdued mid-tempo that exemplified their incredible ability to give that final refrain the biggest kick possible – this time by dropping the instrumental out for an accapella delivery. These boys are talented musicians, that much is clear, but what makes the five-piece stand out is their songwriting; as proven by their flaw-free output so far, Amber Run’s passionate, soaring rock will give their stadium-sell-out peers a run for their money.

Photo: Jack Margerison
Words: Simon McMurdo


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