Introducing: Alpines

Photo: George Garnier

Taking experimental electronic music and flavouring it with a strong helping of dark atmospheres, Alpines are an upcoming band treading new ground with their innovative material.

Their debut EP, ‘Night Drive’ hosted two video releases; ‘Ice and Arrows’ and the phenomenal ‘Drive’. Both tracks perfectly encompassed the charms of Alpines – the rich vocals of Catherine Pockson leading the haunting verses to soaring choruses that are impossible to shift from your mind.

Not that you’d want to forget the stunning compositions on offer, as latest single ‘Cocoon’ proves. A stunning track accompanied by a video that visually expresses everything Alpines are about – accesible, stunning and incredible music that harnesses a plethora of hidden depths unlocked by future listens.

Standing strong on the live scene, the duo bring their sound to the stage with the passion it was written. Having been witness to a performance on the Dot to Dot tour, raving reviews hint that their talents stand even firmer on the live circuit with their crashing, addictive beats sounding even darker and more intense.

With an album in the works and an array of visual and sonic talents, it’s going to be a bright year or two for Alpines and listening to their material, it’s easy to see why they are on the verge of immeasurable success.

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Photo: George Garnier
Words: Simon McMurdo


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