Interview: Yadi

Photo: John Sanders

As she readies herself for the release of her highly anticipated EP, ‘Guillotine’ Yadi recently premiered the gorgeous video for the title track. Whilst ‘Guillotine’ has been buzzing around online for a while, it’s acclaim has been both magnificent and well deserved; teamed with the stunning ‘Sahara Heart’, Yadi’s output has got bloggers such as myself in a fluster about what she is capable of. I was fortunate enough to chat to her about her inspirations and the vivid imagination that inspired ‘Gold’.

It’s been a long time coming, but when will the Guillotine EP be widely released?
When you least expect it.

Do you have a favourite track from the EP?
No because they are like my children and I love all my children equally.

There is quite a dark vibe to the music you’ve released so far; will this continue throughout the EP?
I’d say passionate not dark. But yes.

Photo: Dan Smyth

What can we expect from a Yadi album?
It’s about all the important things I have been through, and the people I’ve loved… and lost. It is very autobiographical. A little bit of social commentary and lots of drums. I’m aiming for release early next year.

Can we expect to see a cheesy pop anthem, complete with obscene overuse of the word ‘baby” in the future?
There may be a heart or two but no babies.

Growing up, who inspired you to make a career in music?
Great writers inspire me. Having said that, a lot of my favourite singers are not themselves writers (Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald) but they deliver the song as if it were their own and that is an art in itself.

Who are you currently listening to? Who inspires you now?
Santigold’s new record and POLICA. I’m listening to a lot of Malian music and trying to be inspired by different rhythms and textures.

Photo: Jack Davison

You’ve landed support slots for indie-pop legend Marina and the Diamonds and the chart dominating Fun. What was it like playing to sold out crowds?
The best feeling. The bigger the crowd the better. I really feed of the energy of an audience.

How far does the visual go with your music? Is it simply about the music or a project scaling wider than just audio?
Well I tend to imagine film clips for songs when I write them. I had an image of a little man hiding away in a forest surrounded by jewels and mirrors with stolen goods hanging on the walls, pacing the floorboards with a gun under his pillow. Then Gold was born.

What is a Yadi live show like? Do you have aspirations for a theatrical setting or would you prefer to keep it simple?
It’s very simple at the moment but it will grow soon, wait and see!

Photo: Jack Davison

And lastly, what are your opinions on the musicians ruling the music world at present:

Lady GaGa? That lady works harrrd! You’ve got to hand it to her.

Justin Bieber? I just don’t really know much of his music!! Maybe I’ll have a cosy night in with Beiber tonight.

Rihanna? She’s great, she makes you get your grind on and that’s important.

Thanks Yadi!

Photos: Jack Davison, John Sanders, Dan Smyth
Interviewer: Simon McMurdo // Interviewee: Hannah Yadi


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