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Photo: Chris Clor
Incase you haven’t read it yet – check out my thoughts on Lemon’s new single. In our midst we have bags of attitude, a stunning voice and the most important ingredient – a decent tune to get herself noticed with. Vibes of Jessie J and Cher Lloyd mixed with some necessary uniqueness is somewhere close to what to expect from ‘Pussydrop’, her first single – but there’s even more slices to Lemon than it may appear… (this joke does not count as one of your five a day).

Hi Lemon! Starting from the beginning, what’s with the (stage?) name?
Lemon is just my name – actually it kinda chose me! It suits me to the ground and it’s different…just the way I like it.

Tell us a little about your history and how you came into the music scene?
I have been singing and dancing for as long as I can remember! I was indeed an enthusiastic member of the hair-brush-in-bedroom-mirror performing generation! I also became the daily after dinner entertainment for the family!!! Haha!  I actually started writing songs when I was about twelve and was then given a scholarship to attend Italia Conti stage school at 15. I went to live in Barbados for a year to develop my music and work with the lots of Reggae, Hip Hop and Soca musicians and artists. Since then it has just snowballed into my ‘Pussydrop’ invasion this summer!!!!

Who were your early inspirations and what are you listening to today?
My early inspirations were Whitney Houston, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, the Jacksons and the amaze Bob Marley. They are still my inspirations today but you will also find me listening to the likes of Ciara, Missy Elliot, tons of old school Hip Hop. Frank Ocean, Soca Beats, Gwen Stefani, a bit of Busta and 50 with a lil’ dose of Rihanna.

Your voice is impressively versatile from raspy powerhouse to attitude-soaked raps – have you taken much vocal training?
Wow thank you!!! I trained my voice for a few years to develop my range and power and to sing properly so that I don’t damage it! However, I actually prefer the rougher, less clean side to my voice which I think is more original and real – a lot like my music.

Photo: Chris Clor

There is a nostalgic 90s vibe to ‘Pussydrop”s chorus which lends itself to me asking what you think to nineties stars like B*Witched and 5ive making a comeback?

I love the nineties!!!! Haha. Awesome got no qualms for comebacks. If it’s good music then get people hearing it!What will a Lemon album sound like? Is there one in the works?
Absolutely there’s a Lemon album on the way!!!! It is going to have lots of surprises as I rarely play by the rules and it’s going to be a collective of awesome beats and crazy vocals. It’s fun, cheeky, inspired by real life, very empowering for women and encouraging of dreams and believing in yourself! A lot of tracks are driven by big drums and fat beats. There’s a lot of party club vibes, but there are some crazy dub step elements, through to epic ballads, soul and reggae!!!! Mish-mash of lemonyness.

I mentioned in my review of the track that ‘Pussydrop’ may get a parental advisory makeover should it go to radio – how do you feel about censoring your material?
I don’t mind if ‘Pussydrop’ gets parental guidance and not all my tracks will need it. I write music for people to enjoy and because I love it – I understand that some of my content needs censoring!!

What are your opinions on talent shows like The Voice and The X Factor? Have you ever been tempted to take that route?
I think they are great reality TV shows which entertain lots and lots of people around the world and Simon Cowell is an awesome business man!!! I, personally, would never enter reality singing shows like The X Factor and The Voice. I am creating my own music, direction and brand and that is something I want to do organically – hopefully keeping a certain amount of control over my creation and music.

Photo: Ellie Price

I love to see what artists think of their fellow musicians, so what so you reckon to the following popsters…
Yeah man, they’ve got something fresh going on. I’m excited to hear more, I think the best is still to come!

Justin Bieber? 
I met Justin after I opened his show with a Lemony set at the BBC for Let’s Dance. He was so lovely and I have massive respect for that talented guy.

Jessie J?
What a friggin’ voice! Love her raw talent.

Photo: Ellie Price

Who would be your dream duet?
Without a shadow of a lemony thought – Janet Jackson.
What would be the ultimate mark of success for you in your music career? To win a Brit? Hit number one?
Once I’ve sold out a hundred date world tour and have a platinum selling album full of hit singles!

Cheers for your time Lemon – good luck with the single and your plans for the future! Big love!
Thanksssss so much and big lemony love!!!! 

Keep a look out on Lemon’s Twitter and Facebook for the ‘Pussydrop’ invasion – coming this summer. 

Photos: Ellie Price & Chris Clor

Words: Simon McMurdo & Lemon


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