EP Review: The Afterdark Movement – Six Minds

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Landing the top prize at Future Sound of Notts 2012, The Afterdark Movement are not playing things by the book. Quite aware that the key to success is diverting from the familiar, their fusion of pretty much every genre known to man is exactly why they are one to watch. You know you’re going to get metal from Maiden and you’re aware that The Saturdays will bring you polished pop – but you have no idea what the next twist and turn have in store when you’re making your way through the ‘Six Minds’ EP by the Nottingham six piece and that is very exciting indeed.

The female vocals sound slick and effortless as they drift through the opening title track but Natalie’s voice really shows it’s strength as it gives way to raw passion during the chorus, her place in transforming the band into a six piece was evidently the final piece to their puzzle. The tempo is notched up a little more for ‘Operation’ – Natalie takes a backseat with beautiful underlining vocal lines as Trekkah and Bru-C command the song with their inviting raps – they’re not muttering inaudible odes to their bling, you know. It’s much more interesting than that. They take a much more inspiring approach – running through social commentaries that are painfully relatable. Throughout the EP, the quality is impressive. Music is evidently at the core – the craft that must have gone in to shaping these tracks is a credit to the band. As genres clash, it’s never an easy task to make them coherent partners instead of attention-craving nemeses but as closing track ‘Clean Lenses’ proves, reggae, soft rock and RnB don’t need to have clearly designated lines put between them.

The ‘Six Minds’ EP is most notable for it’s ability to stand against it’s peers already. The music is fresh, exciting and instant whilst the production, where most new artists fall short, matches their output – not overproduced as to discredit their raw abilities, but not isolating either like a lot of underproduced, clumsy EPs. I started this review with the statement and I also think it’s a fitting closer – The Afterdark Movemement are unique and that is exactly why you need to listen to them. Me yabbering on for three paragraphs is all well and good, but actually experiencing what this up and coming group are doing is the real point. It’s like a chilled version of Sonic Boom Six. Like a roughed up version of The Fugees. Or, you know, like an on point version of The Afterdark Movemement.

‘Six Minds’ is available on iTunes.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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