EP Review: Bim – Lifelines

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Bim are one of the most special of pop bands. They are the kind of pop band that make pop music for pop fans. Since their formation, every release they put their name to has been exciting, quirky and, most notably, relevant. Following on from their acclaimed album ‘Scatterheart’, ‘Lifelines’ continues to bring an intelligence that is rarely executed so well in the pop world. There are no gimmicks here, simply an EP oozing class, charm and talent.

Rebecca Rosier’s vocals compliment the tracks perfectly – she effortlessly drifts across the top of the arrangements whilst her interplay with Tim Davis is all a part of what makes the duo so special. Davis has a similar talent for providing a distinct, emotive but relaxed delivery and just because things are intrinsically tranquil, it doesn’t mean we’re sitting on a band that peddle constant mid-tempos.

The ambience of ‘Monster’ and ‘ Highlight’ cement them as the two standout tracks from ‘Lifelines’. The former catapults a mammoth chorus out of nowhere whilst the latter shines thanks to it’s depth and honesty – it’s one of the most beautiful tracks Bim have put their name to. It’s these two tunes that I’d recommend for newcomers as well – Bim may have a fair few dramatic crescendos, but they excel in the understated moments.

They obviously have an ear for a good, catchy lead single too as ‘Lights Out’ exemplified. Check out the sensational chorus that you’ll be singing along with before the tune completes it’s first run – likewise, current single ‘Burn’ brings much of the same to the table with it’s shimmering production and, though not quite as instant, catchy chorus.

Hopefully ‘Lifelines’ will find that it’s title proved appropriate and this is the chance for Bim to make it through the indie stage into the wider world of radio play and attention that their mass appeal begs for. They create pop that is cool enough for the indie kids and still every bit as pure as the genre is known for being. In the future, people will look back on music and whether their success takes them to the top of the charts or not, Bim will surely be heralded as the quintessential sound of today.

Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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