EP Review: Alpines – Early Hours

Video Still: Vicky Lawton

There are a fair few people, mostly musically-minded and internet savvy, that have stumbled upon Alpines. I am one of them and if you’ve come into contact with me since I first saw them live last year, you’ll know that I can’t stop raving about them. A quick scan of their Facebook page shows a constant influx of new fans begging to hear a full length record, or at the very least, some of the songs that have enchanted them on the live scene. Well, we don’t have a full length just yet, but we’ve been placated with a new EP – ‘Early Hours’.

‘Chances’ is the breathtaking standout track and, for fear of repeating myself, I urge you to read my previous review of it. It shows that Alpines are more than capable of pulling off a chart-friendly ballad without losing any of their mystique. ‘Got Me Wrong’ should also draw in a fair few fans, with it’s almost dance-like qualities. If any song is likely to smash through to the mainstream, then it, as current single, should lead the march.

‘Hidden Love’ gives Bob Matthews the chance to show off his expertise as the music takes centrestage with a synth-hook that begs to be picked up by BBC3. It’s also the most pop we’ve seen Alpines allow themselves to be, but it’s delivered with gusto and excels expectations. We’re back to business as usual with the gorgeous and atmospheric ‘Deeper’ that defines the Alpines sound – a misty, icy fusion of electronic beats with the melting qualities of Catherine Pockson’s voice.

There’s little I can say about Alpines that I haven’t said here, here or here – they are one of a kind and an ingenious little project that boasts undeniable tracks, infectious hooks but an honesty and conviction that sets them apart from your average popstars. The only thing left to say is that I am, as ever, in awe of the essentially flawless material Matthews and Pockson are conjuring. The fact that the band are, quite literally, in their early hours is an even more exciting prospect; there is nobody like them and that is exactly why we need them.

Video Still: Vicky Lawton
Words: Simon McMurdo


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