ARTPOP Review: G.U.Y.


If the Greek Mythology in ‘Venus’ left you cold, you might be a little hostile towards the opening speech of ‘G.U.Y.’; an address to the God of sexual desire. Not content with tackling ‘Venus’, it also attempts to out-sex the filthy ‘Sexxx Dreams’. You might not want to let your Grandma listen in to the middle eight as it discusses ‘mounting your Goddess’ and ‘Mars ramming into the atmosphere’ and by atmosphere, yes, she is probably talking about the big V.

That’s what makes ‘G.U.Y.’ a little weirder than your usual female empowerment anthem and, the good thing about her choice of muse is that Madonna probably hadn’t done it already. Hooray. The song is a series of hooks – the simplistic chorus serves as a respite from the genuinely incredible verses and mindblowing bridge that calls up an Ace of Base touch, instantly adding next-level brilliance to the song. The lyrics are also nicely adaptable, despite the Greek border Gaga has decorated them with, the sentiment of being a woman in control is at the core of ‘G.U.Y.’.

But maybe my favourite moment from ARTPOP comes in the final moments as Gaga screams ‘Nien Zedd’ in honour of her collaborator. It’s always good to end on a moment of pure crazy, especially if you’re Lady Gaga.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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