10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For In This Moment’s ‘Black Widow’.

1. Maria Brink hasn’t changed one bit. Love her or hate her, she is an engaging and charismatic vocalist that puts passion first. The way she flicks between seductive diva and possessed vixen is inimitable – particularly because she pulls both off very convincingly. It isn’t a matter of being the best screamer in the game, Maria can send shivers down your spine and that in itself is a remarkable talent.

2. In regards to their sound, they have developed all the aspects that made ‘Blood’ such a tremendous effort. ‘Big Bad Wolf’ feels like a catchier, punchier mix of ‘Beast Within’ and ‘Comanche’ and ‘Sick Like Me’ has a distinct Disturbed vibe with it’s horror movie atmospherics shattered intermittently by bursts of guitar and drums. Massive credit goes to Chris Howorth and the guys – Maria is clearly a born star and having her at the forefront of the band and campaign is a given. Yet, it doesn’t feel like it’s a media-forced decision – it feels that these guys are well aware that Brink’s charisma and charm equips her to be one of their strongest weapons. Likewise, Maria couldn’t find a better group of guys to work with her voice – they have a tremendous ability to switch between emotive fragility and sonic armageddon, alike the woman herself.

3. The record features a duet between Maria and Brent of Shinedown. Last time they collaborated, it sounded like this.


Evidently, Maria has brilliant taste as ‘Devour’ is easily one of Shinedown’s best efforts. Not even forgetting her trousers can ruin it.

4. In the heart of all the material released so far, there is a fleshed out, pounding chorus that not only lures you in, but gets more exciting and andrenalizing on repeated listens. There are so many ‘moments’ in the three singles released so far – the intro and middle eight of ‘Big Bad Wolf’, the bridge in ‘Sick Like Me’… heart stopping stuff that makes you realise how good music can be.

5. The fact that this era, more than any other, shows that In This Moment have evolved evolved from a band offered some brilliant tunes to a band that has those tunes and a million times more presence. Their debut and it’s follow up are all well and good, but it feels like we’re really seeing the group become something special. Buying ‘Black Widow’ is also a nice way of sticking it to the annoying folk that can’t entertain change.

6. They are as ferocious as they are camp and it’s nice to see In This Moment actually owning that USP. There are songs on the record called ‘Bloody Creature Poster Girl’, ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ and ‘Sexual Hallucination’; they are going full-force into this Playboy metal vibe they’ve got going on and, whilst it’s always been present in their earlier work (they covered ‘Call Me’ after all…), it’s nice to see that they’re making the most of it on ‘Black Widow’.

7. To reiterate, it will have this on it:

8. And this:

9. …and this.

10. And it’s cover art looks like this…

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a billow.

In This Moment’s ‘Black Widow’ is released on November 17th. Preorder on itunes is available here.


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