Single Review: OneGirlOneBoy – Butterflies

It is no secret that OneGirlOneBoy are one of my favourite acts – there’s something special about watching a band grow on your local scene and ready themselves to take on the heavyweights. With their ‘Beautiful Mess’ EP, they soared to astounding heights and developed their sound to become a full-bodied indie-electro behemoth that was barely even hinted at during their first self-titled release. I could confidently say that they had reached their potential – but I’m glad I didn’t, because ‘Butterflies’ takes it another notch up the ladder.

Natasha’s vocals are huskier and have never sounded more controlled or gorgeous. The step up she has made from their debut EP to ‘Beautiful Mess’ was astounding, but she really is nearing the top of her game now. The way her voice fits with the soundscapes evidences how much she and Chris have really hit on something special with their collaboration. She is clearly a talented vocalist and more than able to carry a tune – but it’s another thing entirely to become a part of the magic within the arrangement.

The production is mesmerising – from the bubbling beats and flickering vocals in the intro to the tinkling keys dotted over the fleshed-out electronics crashing like waves throughout the verses and post-chorus. At it’s conclusion, draw your attention to the ‘released by’ slot on their Soundcloud. ‘Unsigned’. They are producing this stuff without support from a major label, yet it sounds even more accomplished than heaps of material that is put out their for mass consumption.

‘Butterflies’ is yet another hypnotising effort from the duo and, producing material as affecting and beautiful as this is gearing them up for an explosion into the conciousness of indie musos nation, and world, wide. It’s common knowledge that electronic music doesn’t necessarily equate an absence of emotion anymore – but OneGirlOneBoy undeline that a thousand times as the stirring hook works its magic again and again. I can’t say enough good things about this pair, but to concentrate it into one – give them a chance and appreciate their music for yourself. It’s worth your while.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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