Single Review: Girls Aloud – Something New


It’s been a long time coming but today Girls Aloud’s reunion actually placed it’s foundations confidently into the ground. After years of ‘maybes’, ‘Something New’ emerges to start up the GA machine for what looks to be the last time. So whilst most bands would say goodbye with a  touching ballad that aims to bring a tear to the eye, Girls Aloud bring out their most powerful, stomping number since ‘Something Kinda Ooooh!’. They never did sit well with expectations.

The massive wall of sound that ‘Something New’ initially sounds like is incredibly powerful. A few listens turns the cacophony into one of the most exciting dance-influenced tunes to be released onto the airwaves today. As with most popular trends, things fade out and grow boring very quickly and it has ultimately happened with dance-pop but there is a burst of excitement in this track that walks all over the blandness of many of their peers.

The chorus is a little more laid back than the frantic intro and musical frenzy that sits beneath the verses. It feels instantly familiar and is a welcome respite from the ‘Sexy! No No No…’ stylings of the rest of the tune. The chanting throughout the track will serve to be  trademarks associated with Girls Aloud for this era and beyond – even instantly you can feel the resonance of the words that acknowledge the massive effect Girls Aloud have had on setting the bar high for British girlbands in recent years.

Layered over the top is the inimitable vocals of the girls themselves. They may not have glass-shattering capabilities but they posses some of the most recognisable voices in the business and it easily helped make them one of the most memorable girl bands in history. Delivering the attitude that was first uncovered in the ‘Chemistry’ era, there is a massive defiance in the way the girls tackle lyrics such as ‘we’re the leaders of the pack’ and ‘we girls gonna run this’.

‘Something New’ brings exactly that – a little touch that was needed to the sounds dominating the charts today to make them infinitely more exciting, endearing and full of charm. There is a euphoric vibe to the tune that potentially signals the last time the girls will be together as a group and that is perfectly fitting – they were and are one of the most innovative groups to rise from the United Kingdom and it may be for just a short while, but the self-proclaimed leaders of the pack are back;all future trends start here.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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