She’s Back! Indiana returns with ‘Bad Luck’

I love Indiana. Her debut ‘No Romeo’ was a stellar record boasting 19 top-notch tracks. Its release didn’t garner half as much attention as it deserved, despite her breakthrough when Radio 1 picked up her signature track ‘Solo Dancing’, a kooky electro-dance number which stuck it to convention. Also, Indy also hails from Notts and this makes me V PROUD.

‘Bad Luck’ is certainly a bedmate of the Top 15 hit, snapping up hook after hook and shoving them all atop an infectious beat. Whilst it keeps the gorgeous atmosphere Indiana created on her earlier releases, it’s more energetic than the bulk of her debut and forges forward in a way that feels fresh and exciting, whilst not isolating to previous fans.

What Indiana does best is accessible pop with sinister undertones and this is one of the most fully-formed beasts she’s put her name to. A fantastic reminder of what Indiana is all about and a return to the quality she’s consistently delivered after a short break away. One request though, Indy, please don’t make us wait as long for the album as we did for ‘No Romeo’…


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