‘One Night’ with Ukrainian Newcomer Delena


I have a firm belief that the Ukraine is producing the best pop music right now. The Hardkiss, Tayanna, Maruv – the country just keeps offering up creative artists that play around with the pop formula and produce magical results. As such, it’s not really a surprise to discover that newcomer Delena was born in Kiev before relocating to London as she’s just released a stonking new track to enjoy over the sunny British weekend.

Delena’s latest is a track called ‘One Night’ and kicks off like some sort of pulsating AOR mid-tempo before turning up the electronics for the chorus. The song has a driving 80s synth-pop feel with a crisp and modern production – the way the main hook bursts into the spotlight, a typical trope of my own favourite 80s pop tracks, is invigorating and injects ‘One Night’ with a peak of energy right where it matters. Refreshingly, ‘One Night’ doesn’t seek to emulate current pop trends – some may see slight similarities with Dua Lipa and Delena’s smoky vocals, but this is not a track you’d necessarily associate with Dua, Anne-Marie or any of the leading ladies in pop right now.

Cramming in what feels like half the songs wordcount into the second verse, Delena ramps up the pace before that chorus hits again. The hook genuinely seems to get better with every listen and the subtle additions in its second appearance give a satisfying but subtle build and I’m a sucker for a good ol’ pop crescendo. Get some airplay behind this and we could be sitting on a summer smash and nothing would make me more happy than a fiercely talented Ukranian lady challenging for the upper echelons of the British charts. In the words of Kim K, “it’s what she deserves”.


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