Five Moments Of Brilliance On ‘Unguarded’ by Rae Morris

1. Well chosen single alert! ‘Under The Shadows’ is something very special indeed as it succeeds in being instantly enjoyable whilst remaining fresh and exciting. The Florence-esque bells tinkle away whilst the strong electro tones creep in to make way for a mighty chorus. Structure-wise, it’s your standard pop fodder but when it’s done as well as this, grumbles are few and far between.

2. ‘Love Again’ bridges the gap between Rae’s guest-vocalist success and her own material as it morphs a euphoric club-ready chorus around her unmistakable voice. ‘Do You Even Know?’ is another dip into the summery side of things with it’s bubbly beats decorating a simple but effective refrain.

3. Production is notorious for killing off any remnant of emotion, but Aerial Rechtshaid’s golden touch magnifies the beauty of ‘For You’ –  already a stunning career highlight, it has evolved into a
confident shining moment that wrenches on the heartstrings. Be gentle with us, Rae, we’re delicate. 🙁

4. ‘Don’t Go’ remains pretty minimal but the added strings emphasise the ’emotional ballady moment’ field to ensure it’s ripe for Grey’s Anatomy and *insert American drama craze of the moment* to make use of. Rollin’ in the royalties.

5. ‘Morne Fortuné‘ has an é at the end which, as Beyoncé proved, can only be a good thing. It’s a triumphant, celebratory track and it’s lyrics are a nice break from her usual introverted honesty as it details a universal approach to positivity and optimism. So Enya.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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