5 Reasons To Love ‘Painted’ By MS MR

1. Dishing out 90s trance piano riffs like they’re rewriting ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, the main musical progression from ‘Secondhand Rapture’ seems to be that the tempo has been booted up the behind. There are some dramatics too, with the brass building up in the pre-chorus and the main hook itself, which is just a huge crescendo basically. We love crescendos.

2. ‘Monday is January, Friday is December’. There are some ‘huh?’ moments still – the moments that make MS MR so special and interesting (‘Hurricane’ video, anyone?). It does have a strong sense of overcoming in a lot of the core lyrics – ‘One day I’ll be stronger than my own doubt’ is begging for an AMEN! – but if you’re just coming along to dance yourself into a stupor, then you will find plenty to feast on too.

3. I refuse to believe I will ever write an article about MS MR without dedicating a full paragraph to the iconic Lizzy Plapinger. The rainbow-haired, charismatic MS switches between the brooding, moody seductress that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of to the vivacious, full-of-life diva that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. But the real reason she is so magnificent? That voice. Unique, engaging and generally outstanding in every way, to be honest. She lacks nothing in competency and garnishes it all with such a gorgeous, delicious rasp that she could sing Mariah Carey’s rider and I’d happily listen in.

4. Avert the cleavage to acknowledge…HOW GOOD IS MAX LOOKING HERE?!

No comeback is complete without some smouldering promo pics and shots like these prove that MS MR are playing the game oh so well.

5. ‘Painted’ is not the safe option. Clearly not content with the success they have already acquired, this song suggests that the sophomore record from one of the most exciting duos in pop (apols Daphne & Celeste) will be an unforgettable event. We all know it’d be good, but ‘Painted’ suggests it’ll be even more fresh and inviting than we could have imagined.

Words: Simon McMurdo



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