Interview: Talking LGBT+, Little Mix and Custom Pianos with LINA

LINA has crammed more into her 24 years than most could fit into a lifetime. Opening for Queen, now supporting Little Mix around the UK and not to mention winning the second season of The Voice Israel. As LINA gears up to release her most infectious single yet – ‘I Wore It Better’ – she took a few minutes to speak to me about everything going on in her busy world…

Congrats on landing the support slot on Little Mix’s UK stretch! Talk us through your performances on the tour…
Thank you! I opened my show with an original song on a CUSTOM MADE PINK LINA PIANO(!!!!) I can’t get enough of this piano, I’m still so excited about it. I performed two more original songs that I co-wrote, one of them is my new single I Wore It Better and I cover Symphony by Clean Bandit and Hair by Little Mix. Crazy fun, have I said that already?

Was it the first time you’ve toured here in the UK?
That’s the first big tour for me here in the UK. The crowds are amazing. So loving and supportive. Amazing amazing energy.

‘Dance Sucker’ is my favourite single so far but you’ve released a steady flow of quality pop over the last few years – is an album in sight (Walking On A Tightrope if my research doesn’t fail me…)?
Thank you!!!! Yes, I released a few more singles, one of them ‘Can’t Keep Falling’ even made it to #1 on iTunes! The album is coming soon, it is called Walking On A Tightrope, and I just can’t wait to release it!

I read that you are quite the linguist and are fluent in numerous languages, can we expect to see some songs on the record in other languages?
I do have an affection for languages.. I wrote some Arabic lyrics to a Queen song called ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ that I performed while supporting them.. I might include that on the album! But for now, it’s an all English album.

Love, love, love the dress you wore at Barcelona Pride and the reception you received was also fantastic. How would you describe your involvement with the LGBT+ communities around the world?
Thank you!!! I love it too. It’s from one of my favorite brands- Arketa. Look them up on Instagram and thank me later! I actually took supporting the LGBT+ community as a personal mission. I find it so important to support freedom and love, because what are we worth without that? We should never forget that we all human beings who want to live happily no matter how different we may seem.


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