Introducing: Nostalghia

From the distorted blips in ‘Homeostasis’ to the unsettling piano chords of ‘Cool for Chaos’, from the off Nostalghia know how to dim the atmosphere to a bleak grey. It’s a mesmerizing juxtaposition of turgid emotional depth and soaring, addictive hooks that marry melancholia and euphoria to present one of the most astounding results in the overcrowded alt-pop field. Alike many of their peers, Nostalghia are at the point of rising on underground critical acclaim to the point of sneaking a head above the mainstream parapet. A few US TV slots have welcomed in a steady influx of supporters, but here is why you should take the first step and find Nostalghia for yourself:

1. Homeostasis
One of the most played Nostalghia cuts due to it’s jigsaw fit onto the successful US series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, it has a more electronic feel and from chaotic, bubbling verses explodes into a commanding chorus – giving vocalist Ciscandra the perfect platform to present her haunting, unforgettable vocals.

2. I’d Still Kill You
Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, you shouldn’t judge a song by it’s title. This EP title track is an exception. ‘I’d Still Kill You’ draws you in from the start – raising numerous questions from it’s title that, honouring the mystery of Nostalghia, go pretty much unanswered. It’s not a frustrating feat though, this track is all the more powerful from it’s Kate Bush-esque vocals on the titular lyric and creepy folk verses sounding like a haunted side-show.

3. Sunshiny Milk
Gentle verses lead you into an unexpected ‘Pow! Pow!’ chorus with some mighty drums that Florence wouldn’t turn her nose up at. It’s a short blast of the power this band are able to summon and probably the most ideal introduction into their work. Unsettling, haunting but ultimately embellished with a redeeming sense of excitement and energy.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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