Introducing: Mausi

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If you’re already sick of the cold weather, why not tuck away the hoodies, pull out your swimwear and dance next to the radiator like the rest of us (we all do that, right?!) or, if you fancy something a little less peculiar, listen to this new electronic sun-smothered four-piece, Mausi. With tunes almost as cute and bright as their name, all you need is a decent imagination and one of their music videos to pretend that winters don’t even exist.

90’s vibes swoop beneath all of the Mausi tracks – it fits them nicely into the electro pop category but with a nice, nostalgic edge. The summery ‘Move’ features a frantic squeaking effect during it’s middle eight that catapults the song into euphoric crescendo territory. It’s one of those songs that you can have on in the background and it still draws your attention, lifts your mood and quietly infects your mind until you’re humming it relentlessly after a single listen.

‘sol.’ delivers more of the same and attaches a jetsetting video to it’s Los Campesinos! meets powerpop feel. If you want an easy entry into the next big electro-cool sensation, head straight for their latest release ‘Body Language’ which feels like the lovechild of a computer and a hippy. It’s jaunty synths are a highlight of the chorus, as are Daisy Finetto’s crisp and clear vocals. Riviera-pop is what they call it and, as it’s unique genre title suggests, it’s warm, inviting and not afraid to have a bit of fun.



Photo: Facebook
Words: Simon McMurdo


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