Episode 56 – Meadows of Heaven (featuring Elina Siirala)

Are you ready for ascension, my child? This week we’re diving deep into Tuomas’ idea of utopia. Is it nostalgic? Ofcourse. A return to innocence? You bet. Did it feature on a live DVD recorded at their massive final show of the Dark Passion Play tour? Sadly not. We’re also joined by the wonderful Elina Siirala who has two things of note to share – an album coming out on Friday (Antares by Angel Nation) and a certain cousin who you may have heard of.

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Hosted and created by Simon Edward McMurdo
Featuring: Elina Siirala of Angel Nation ( and Leaves’ Eyes (
Fan Jury: Joana Gato, JP Drudi-Four├Ęs and Pieter Sterckx
Artwork by Matt Foulkes
Music: Orphanage Airlines (Intro)


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