Single Review: Ruth Lorenzo – Burn

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Ruth Lorenzo has been using her time wisely. Taking a break from the mass of attention the X-Factor machine had thrust upon her, Lorenzo has chosen this time to unleash her vocal talents, but is it too late and has interest faded away?

As fans of the show will know, Ruth’s popularity grew massively as the weeks rolled by on the X Factor  and in a series populated by success stories JLS, Diana Vickers and Alexandra Burke, she was one of the most promising talents. A keen songwriter with a wealth of experience in music, she had a winning hand from the beginning. It’s also great to find out that her debut single ‘Burn’ glorifies her phenomenal voice and exemplifies that good things do, indeed, come to those who wait.

A smouldering track, halfway between rock and pop, ‘Burn’ manages to embed itself inside your brain and by the second or third time the chorus rolls around, it begs you to sing along. The song itself is one of the greatest singles to be released this year; something that harks back to the emotive soft rock of Alanis Morisette complete with the undeniable choruses of The Script.

However, whilst Vickers and Burke put the finishing touches to their sophomore efforts, Lorenzo is only beginning her career and that is a worry. It’s common knowledge that the hype generated by reality TV is short lived and hopefully the curse won’t affect Lorenzo. If the big names of TV and radio garner some interest, ‘Burn’ could easily be an anthem that stands head and shoulders above a lot of the X-Factor alumni. Let’s hope an album sees release at least, Lorenzo is an immense talent and it’d be a shame to see that unjustly ignored.

Photo: Paul Domanski
Words: Simon McMurdo


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