Top 10 Songs of Eurovision 2015

Eurovision is slowly approaching and the successor to Conchita Wurst’s title has already been chosen as the 40 entrants of this years contest have now locked-in their confirmed candidates.Quality wise, it’s another strong bunch and the amount of songs that could easily have commercial success seems to be growing with each year. Alas, I know we don’t all have the time to scour through forty songs – we want the good stuff and we want it now, amiright? Well, I’ve done the hard work for you, now you can just sit back and devour the best of the bunch. You’re welcome.

Country: Australia
Artist: Guy Sebastian
Song:  Tonight Again
Australia have finally been granted their gateway to Eurovision to commemorate their support as the contest celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Evidently committed to making the most of their one chance, they are sending a seasoned professional in with Ms. Kylie Minogue. Wait…what?? They aren’t sending her? MISSED. OPPORTUNITY. Don’t be miserable for too long though, Guy is more than competent at this singing malarkey and his funky Bruno Mars flavour will certainly appeal to the younger crowd. In short, ‘Tonight Again’ sounds like the most commercially relevant entry of 2015.

Country: Iceland
Artist: Maria Olafs
Song: Unbroken
In appearance, Maria bears a striking resemblance to 2013 winner Emmelie De Forest, but musically she takes a very different path. ‘Unbroken’ is a ballad with more than a little American influence (not only does it share a title with a Demi Lovato album, it sounds like something the US superstar would snap up in seconds). No shade though, it will still score a legion of fans thanks to the purity that characterises the song.


Country: Azerbaijan
Artist: Elnur
Song: Hour of the Wolf
The enormity of Azerbaijan’s ‘Hour of the Wolf’ is only matched by it’s beauty. Elnur previously represented the country dressed as an angel with ‘Day After Day’, but this time, seems to be relying less on the novelty and more on his undeniable talent. Over time, his voice has matured even further to become more striking and impressive – as a man that has steadily fine-tuned his talent, he stands a great chance if this entry can give the same emotional pull live in Austria.

Country: Armenia
Artist: Genealogy
Song: Face The Shadow
So, let me explain this one. Studio wise, it doesn’t stand out amongst the wealth of top-notch entries this year, but the potential of Genealogy is too bountiful to ignore. The band, formed especially for Eurovision, is sourced from some stellar talent from around the globe, each member having Armenian descent. It’s a risk to name it as a favourite since it has not been performed and the chemistry between the bunch is yet unknown , but if things go right for the equipped group then this could become something truly magnificent on the night.


Country: Germany
Artist: Ann Sophie
Song: Black Smoke
Forgetting about the drama that surrounded it’s selection (Google it sometime, v. interesting), ‘Black Smoke’ is an infectious ode to faded love. Co-penned by hot British talent Ella Eyre, it oozes warmth and charm whilst it’s performer possesses a stage presence not unlike Lena who won the 2010 contest for Germany. A clever mixture of sass and class suggests Ann might be a dark horse in following in her doppelgänger’s footsteps.

Country: Slovenia
Artist: Maraaya
Song: Here For You
The epitome of underrated, Slovenia frequently send brilliant songs that go under the radar, Hopefully, in a sea of ballads, ‘Here For You’ will stand out for Maraaya this year. Sounding current and fresh, the chorus is one of the most addictive presented within the contest this year. The vocals might not be to everybody’s tastes, but the promised air-violin dancer should keep the rest entertained. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing if Slovenia took home the title this year.

Country: Georgia
Artist: Nina Sublatti
Song: Warrior
Bringing a healthy dose of attitude to the contest, Nina Sublatti looks set to give Georgia it’s best chance in ages. ‘Warrior’ harnesses the mystery and strength that made Loreen so alluring and, given the right stage show, could be a very strong candidate. At it’s core, the pulsating beats drift towards an anthemic chorus and the swell into the titular hook is an explosion of sonic power.

Country: Estonia
Artist: Elina & Stig
Song: Goodbye To Yesterday
In stark contrast to the number 2 on this list, the Estonian entry is an intimate guitar-led tune that burrows into your brain. It’s sedate atmosphere might lull you to begin with, but this duet has some subtle and emotive cards to bring into play before it’s three minutes are up. It does feel like a concious development from the Dutch entry last year, but copycat this ain’t – potentially one of the best Estonian entries to date.

Country: Spain
Artist: Edurne
Song: Amanecer
Massive doesn’t come close to encapsulating the energy of ‘Amanecer’. Edurne’s cries in the main hook preceded with an impressive build up from verses to chorus makes the Spanish entry one of their most exciting submissions in a long time. Whilst they could have easily rested on their laurels – after all, they had already invited one of their biggest names to represent them – they have pulled out all the stops to ensure that the full scale of Edurne’s prowess will be revealed in May.



Country: Latvia
Artist: Aminata
Song: Love Injected
Latvia, fresh from their stalling last year, will send an incredibly accomplished entry to Vienna. Following on from the simplistic novelty of ‘Cake to Bake’, ‘Love Injected’ is a killer submission that demands attention. Its crushing electro dramatics teamed with Aminata’s delivery give it a very strong edge and, whilst question has been draped over Savodogo’s vocals following previous performances, the whole package may have just enough mystery and beauty to pip the challengers to the post.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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