Why I Love Eilera…

Since the first time I heard ‘Fusion’ on a Spinefarm sampler CD way back when, I fell head over heels in love with their latest signing Eilera. That song, which was later given the single treatment, still sounds as gorgeous today as it did then. Have a listen for yourself:

Stunning violins as sharp and mournful as any guitar, Eilera forges together the gentle world of folk with dramatic heavy rock. The best example of this is another song from her debut, ‘The Angel You Love, The Angel You Hate’ which is just as contradictory as it’s title. Immerse yourself in it as it delicately treads towards one of my favourite conclusions in any of the thousands of songs I’ve heard in my twenty four years.

It hasn’t ended there, however. Eilera returned in March with three new songs, bravely performed live for their debut on her youtube channel, assumingly taken from her upcoming third record. The almost Irish twang to Eilera’s vocals are just as captivating as ever and the music is infectious to it’s core. ‘Your Way’ is an excitable little gem…

…but my favourite has to be either ‘Angel Made Temptress’ in which she pulls off a beautifully fleshed out mid tempo or ‘Deadly Together’ which continues the soaring metal Eilera began creating with her debut.

If you find her music as breathtaking as I do, pop on over to her Facebook page and give her a like and show your support. This is a woman who adores metal and clearly knows a thing or two about pulling it off.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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