Introducing: Rainover

The femme metal apprentice, Andrea Casanova began her relationship with music by falling in love with heavyweights Within Temptation, falling head over heels for the symphonic, gothic genre and soaking up all the artists breaking through into it. As such, Spain’s most exciting young gothic metal band Rainover already feel like masters of their trade and their debut record ‘Transcending The Blue And Drifting Into Rebirth’ (‘TTBADIR’ to those of us with a desire to speed things up a bit) is a beautiful mix of traditional atmospherics and a modern, fresh burst of excitable electronics which is more than worthy of your attention…

1. Rebirth
The way the piano and guitars mingle on the majority of Rainover’s work is a staple of their sound, as is the melancholic beauty of those guitar lines. The enormity of ‘Rebirth”s chorus is a testament to the power the band conjures on ‘TTBADIR’ and the first of many songs which put emotion at the forefront of the arrangements.

2. HS204
Andrea noted herself that Rainover deal in two types of songs; the aforementioned beautiful melancholic rock tunes and keyboard-heavy tracks which up the tempo and energy levels . ‘HS204’ is the latter, a brief burst of life pronounced by the electro keys which bookend the song.

3. Cycles
The highlight of their debut, ‘Cycles’ lends male vocals from Neuromantik’s Luca Starita who sits beautifully beside Andrea after she is welcomed in for the first chorus. The guitar work here is stellar, pure emotion seeping through as it swells into the gorgeous chorus and doesn’t stop building until it’s stunning finale.

Words: Simon McMurdo


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